Springdale Lodge No. 412, A∴F∴M∴
Chartered under the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina in 1969.

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Current Officers

Past Masters

1969John B. MacKeyDeceased
1970George E. Barton, Jr.DDGM 1971-1973
1971Willie E. Floyd1st
1972Norman M. BarkerDeceased
1973Jack HendrixDeceased
1974Milton EllisorDeceased
1975Larry A. Berry
1976Carl R. LivingstonDeceased
1977David M. Berry
1978William R. WilliamsDeceased
1979O. Wayne RussellDDGM 1989-1991
1980Dorsey SenterfeitDeceased
1981Willie E. Floyd2nd
1982Leslie A. Beard
1983James C. Forsyth
1984Robert T. Zeigler, Sr.
1985Euel D. Blanton
1986Robert P. Peele
1987W. Hallie Powell
1988Stephen L. WilliamsDeceased
1989Paul F. Pichey
1990George R. Castle
1991John P. Essick
1992Terry R. Yon
1993James H. Smith
1994Richard R. Barton
1995Walter D. Lovett
1996Charles H. Riley
1997Ronnie E. Gibson
1998Greg L. Rock
1999Otis R. Kelly
2000Ramon P. ValladaresDeceased
2001J. Cory Essick
2002W. Randolph EppersonDeceased
2003Dennis Hammond
2004James C. Pardee
2005Michael D. Cassidy
2006David W. MustardDeceased
2007Boyd E. Pugh
2008Ernest L. Bowen
2009Robert T. Zeigler, Jr.
2010C. Lance Carpenter
2011Charles W. Buckner
2012M. Todd Russell
2013Joseph E. Galloway
2014Dwight K. Harsey1st
2015Jason E. Eichelberger
2016Dwight K. Harsey2nd
2017Donald E. Purdue
2018David S. Roberts
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